Wednesday, October 26, 2016

Day 4: Reflections Essay

Written October 7, 2016

In a (Rather Large, Confusing) Nutshell

Who am I? I am Alyssa B. Hansen and I live in Utah. This is as much as you need to know for this essay because frankly, I find introducing myself boring so I am going to continue to the subject of this essay.
Seeing the world depends on perspective, and everyone’s perspective is slightly different from the rest. One person may have a small family where everyone loves each other, there is rarely a raised voice heard, and they love school. This person’s perspective or how they see the world is going to be different than say a person who was adopted at ten years old, and lived a rough life before then. They may scare easily with things that bring joy and laughter to others. I know both types of people, and honestly prefer to spend time with the person whose perspective is the most different from my own because then I can learn from them and their life experiences. The trick is just finding an “in.”
      When you meet someone who has had a rough life, how are you supposed to gain their trust and then compel them to tell you their life’s story? Let me just say it is easier to type the process mentioned above than to actually do it and I know this because of past experiences. The reason I find people so different me so interesting is because their perspective on life can really open my own eyes to some things I may never have known or thought of before speaking to that person. If someone were to tell me that, “ignorance is bliss” I feel I would have to disagree.
      When dwelling in ignorance, it is hard to know what really goes on--just like in some of the dystopian novels when some character  finds that their world is not as peaceful and perfect as it may originally seem. I feel like I can relate to those characters although when I started to find the imperfections in our world, I was much younger. Most of those characters are in their early to late “teens” when something starts to change, it’s either slow and steady or in some of these books it is like a cold bucket of water being splashed in their faces, right? Ignorance is something that should be limited, because with ignorance there can be stupidity or the appearance of not knowing anything about the world around you. This isn’t exactly good, especially if you are trying to debate a point when you only know a couple, small things about one side of the story.
      So how does this relate to how I see the world? It’s like what is mentioned above, preferring to surround myself with people that are different than me, because it’s like tuning a radio to get just the right station, only in this case, it’s trying to create a vision of the world that is the most accurate. I like being able to understand people which is hard to do without knowing their story. A lot of the time, people are quick to judge based off of a glimpse of a person, which is something I prefer to avoid. I believe you need the whole story before you even begin to think about judging which is again, easier said than done.
      I see the world as an oxymoron. The world itself is so huge but as everyone it always saying, it’s also a very small world. When looking or attempting to look through the eyes of another, people gain a sense of something that is beyond them. When I realized the way I could see through my eyes and have thoughts and move around the way I want to and that others were doing the same thing, it changed my perspective. I was no longer the only living thing, with a bunch of other “people” who seemed more like robots moving around solely to teach me and train me and talk to, but rather that every person I looked at was looking back at me, and whatever I was thinking, they could be thinking something similar or completely different. Now, everything someone else did made a sort of sense. Of course I couldn’t tell the exact meaning of others’ actions but now I could tell that there was a reason to anything and everything people did.
      I feel like I should now end this essay which if you have actually read the entirety of it, I applaud you because I don’t know if even I will be able to do that now. I would also like to thank you for following this almost stream of consciousness because that is my perspective. My perspective on the world is a stream of consciousness that ebbs and flows to places all over. My perspective is something ever moving, ever changing or evolving. Morphing into something to help me better understand the world. What is my story? I am different--and I appreciate that.