Wednesday, November 9, 2016

Day 6: Blogger's Block

     Writer's block is a beautiful thing, no? Insert your response here which is hopefully along the lines of, "You're right, Alyssa, it's not a beautiful thing!" If you did not respond in a way similar to what I just typed, I think you are kind of crazy, but to each their own (although why you would enjoy writer's block, or any "block" is beyond me). So, to "get over my writer's block," guess what I did? I Googled, "blog post ideas." (I'll paste the links I found at the bottom of this post so my fellow bloggers can find some possible inspiration.)
     The prompt I am using for this post is, "The reason I started writing this blog is..." which is a very basic prompt but at the same time, I feel I can write a reasonably short post about this that still has some interesting content.

     I will start by saying that despite my possibly misleading URL, I was not actually upset about this assignment. Yes, creating this blog was an assignment for my AP English class, but one I was (almost) wholeheartedly excited for. Wow, a blog! I thought--again. Maybe this time, since it's an assignment, I will actually keep with it! just like I tell myself every time I decide to create a website or make a blog for myself, thinking this will be a magnificent idea!
     Overall, I feel like I have done fairly well, this being my seventh blog post. But the biggest problem I have been facing is content. What do I want to write about that is interesting enough to gain followers for? All the "famous bloggers" have something consistent they write about--whether it be fitness or daily life (neither of which I am interested in writing about)--so what about me? What am I supposed to do? So far it's been something I've just been "winging;" nothing has been planned, I am just typing as I go, hoping to come up with something witty or interesting. So far I am pretty sure I have failed at both.
     Look at my blog. What is your favorite thing about it (comment below)? If this wasn't an assignment, I probably wouldn't be doing this (and my mom wouldn't be letting me spend so much time on her laptop, typing long, nonsensical, boring posts). What's different about this blog? Why are you reading this right now? And if you are just skimming, what is so boring you find you need to avoid my writing? Because you might as well close the tab if you are just going to skim, it's not going to get any more interesting, believe you me.

     What's different about me?

Content Idea Generator (You need a subject for this to work--like what you want to write about.)
Blog Post Idea Generator (Gives some semi-good ideas for when your brain is truly dead, and then some of the ideas are truly awful. Depends on your point of view.)